Hand Made Tibetan Thangkas by Tibetan Artisans in Tibet

Jun 7, 2019

Welcome to Intent, your premier destination for hand-made Tibetan Thangkas sourced directly from skilled Tibetan artisans in Tibet. We take immense pride in offering you an extensive collection of authentic and unique thangkas, meticulously crafted with utmost dedication and reverence.

Discover the Rich Tradition and Symbolism of Tibetan Thangkas

Tibetan Thangkas are traditional Buddhist paintings that have been revered for centuries. Each thangka is a masterpiece that tells a vivid story, depicting various Buddhist deities, mandalas, and spiritual motifs. These intricately detailed artworks serve as visual aids for meditation and are revered for their ability to convey spiritual teachings.

Authentic Tibetan Artisans: Guardians of Tradition

At Intent, we collaborate directly with talented Tibetan artisans who come from generations of skilled thangka painters. By supporting these artisans, we ensure the preservation of this ancient art form and the continuation of their rich cultural heritage.

Browse Our Extensive Collection of Thangkas

Our curated collection features a wide range of hand-made thangkas, showcasing different styles, sizes, and themes. From intricate Buddha thangkas to vibrant mandalas, you will find the perfect piece to enhance your spiritual practice or adorn your living space.

1. Buddha Thangkas

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Buddha's presence with our exquisite Buddha thangkas. Each artwork captures the serene expressions and enlightened aura of Buddha, emanating a sense of peace and spiritual awakening.

2. Mandalas

Uncover the intricate world of mandalas through our collection of mandala thangkas. These cosmic diagrams symbolize the universe and serve as powerful tools for meditation and self-realization. Choose from various designs and colors that resonate with your spiritual journey.

3. Deity Thangkas

Experience the divine energy of Buddhist deities with our exceptional deity thangkas. Each depiction showcases the unique qualities and symbolism associated with revered deities such as Chenrezig, Green Tara, and Manjushri. Invite their blessings and enlightenment into your life.

Uncompromising Quality and Ethical Sourcing

At Intent, we are committed to providing you with thangkas that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. Our team ensures that each artwork is created using traditional techniques, maintaining the integrity and authenticity of Tibetan art. Furthermore, we prioritize ethical sourcing, ensuring that the artisans are justly compensated for their incredible skills.

Start Your Thangka Journey with Intent

Begin your exploration of Tibetan art and spirituality with Intent. Shop our collection of hand-made Tibetan Thangkas today and bring home a remarkable piece of art that carries centuries-old wisdom and divine blessings.

Enhance Your Spiritual Space with Intent

Intent offers more than just thangkas. We also provide a variety of spiritual accessories and home decor items that complement your thangka and create a serene ambiance within your space. Explore our range of incense, prayer flags, and other spiritually inspired products.

Experience the Beauty and Serenity of Hand-made Tibetan Thangkas

Immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Tibet through our collection of hand-made Tibetan Thangkas. At Intent, we aim to provide you with an extraordinary shopping experience that celebrates the artistry and spirituality of these ancient paintings. Start your journey today and discover the perfect thangka that resonates with your soul.

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