CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION Handcrafted in Los Angeles

Jan 19, 2019

Welcome to the CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION! Our handcrafted leather products are a true work of art, meticulously crafted in the heart of Los Angeles. At Intent, we strive to provide our customers with the finest and most unique leather goods available.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Quality

When it comes to leather products, quality and craftsmanship are of utmost importance. That's why every item in our CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION is handcrafted by skilled artisans who are passionate about their craft. Each product undergoes a meticulous process, paying attention to every detail, ensuring that you receive only the best.

From sourcing the finest leather hides to the final touches, our artisans take pride in their work. The result is a collection that exudes elegance and sophistication. Whether you're looking for a timeless leather wallet, a stylish handbag, or a statement belt, our collection has something for everyone.

Wide Range of Unique Designs

One of the things that sets our CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION apart is the wide range of unique designs we offer. We understand that our customers have different tastes and preferences, which is why we strive to provide a diverse selection of styles.

From classic and minimalistic designs to bold and avant-garde creations, our collection showcases the versatility and beauty of leather. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a vintage-inspired piece, we have you covered.

Uncompromising Attention to Detail

At Intent, we believe that it's the little details that make a big difference. That's why we pay close attention to every aspect of our leather products. From the stitching to the hardware, we ensure that every element is carefully considered and flawlessly executed.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident in every item in our CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION. Each product is designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and durable. We want our customers to feel confident in their purchase knowing that they are receiving a product that will stand the test of time.

Embrace Timeless Elegance

With the CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION, we aim to bring back the allure of timeless elegance. Leather has long been associated with sophistication and luxury, and our collection aims to capture that essence. When you choose one of our products, you're not just buying an accessory; you're investing in a piece that will complement your style for years to come.

From the moment you hold one of our leather products in your hands, you'll be able to appreciate the superior craftsmanship and the incredible attention to detail. Each piece tells a story, embodying the dedication and passion of the artisans who created it.

Elevate Your Style with Intent

At Intent, we believe that style is a form of self-expression. Our CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION is designed to help you elevate your style and make a statement. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday look, our leather products are the perfect choice.

With our unrivaled craftsmanship, unique designs, and impeccable quality, the CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Experience the luxury of handcrafted leather products and elevate your style with Intent.


If you're ready to explore the world of handcrafted leather, browse our CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION today. Discover the perfect accessory that reflects your style and personality. With our hassle-free ordering process and fast shipping, you'll be enjoying your new leather product in no time.

Choose Intent for your leather needs and experience the difference that unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail can make. Shop the CIRCA LEATHER COLLECTION now and indulge in the luxury of handcrafted leather products.

Nazeeh Aoun
Stunning work! 😍👌
Nov 8, 2023
Awesome craftsmanship!
Oct 16, 2023