Mar 24, 2021

Welcome to Intent, your ultimate destination for exquisite furniture and decor. In this page, we present to you the HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE, a masterpiece designed exclusively for Deep House enthusiasts. This bar table is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and superior craftsmanship, making it an essential addition to any contemporary home.

Unparalleled Design

The HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE is a testament to sophisticated craftsmanship. Its sleek and modern design will instantly transform your space into a stylish haven. The table features clean, minimalist lines and a rich, deep wood finish that exudes elegance and class. Crafted with utmost precision, this bar table seamlessly merges timeless design with contemporary aesthetics, creating a focal point that effortlessly stands out in any room.

Premium Quality Materials

At Intent, we believe in using only the finest materials in our furniture creations. The HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE is no exception. Expertly crafted from high-quality wood, this table not only guarantees durability but also adds organic warmth to your interior. The carefully selected wood ensures that each piece showcases its unique grain patterns, making every bar table one-of-a-kind.

Furthermore, the table is designed with attention to detail, featuring sturdy legs that provide exceptional stability. The flawless construction ensures longevity, allowing you to enjoy this bar table for years to come.

Perfect Dimensions

The HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE is thoughtfully designed to fit seamlessly into various spaces. Its dimensions make it suitable for both compact apartments and spacious homes. The table's length of 150cm provides ample surface area for drinks, snacks, or even a small gathering of friends.

With a height of 110cm, the bar table encourages a relaxed and social atmosphere. It allows you and your guests to comfortably sit or stand while enjoying conversations and beverages. The table's width of 80cm ensures there is enough space for multiple bar stools, providing everyone with a cozy spot to gather around.

Elevate Your Interior

The HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE is more than just a functional piece of furniture. It is an exceptional statement of style and taste. Whether you have a contemporary, industrial, or rustic interior, this bar table effortlessly complements various design aesthetics. Its versatile nature allows it to be the centerpiece of your living room, kitchen, or even a dedicated bar area.

Pair the HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE with our range of carefully curated bar stools to create a cohesive and inviting setup. With an array of styles, colors, and materials to choose from, you can customize your space to your desired aesthetic, ensuring it reflects your personal taste and enhances the overall ambiance.

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Augustin Vite
I can already picture the perfect spot in my house for the HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE!
Nov 11, 2023
Joshua Clark
Love the sleek design and craftsmanship of the HAROLD WOOD BAR TABLE 🔥👌 Perfect for Deep House vibes! 🎶
Oct 8, 2023