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Apr 11, 2019


Welcome to Intent Store, your one-stop destination for unique and unconventional home decor items. We are thrilled to present to you our latest addition - the Butt Vase. The Butt Vase combines innovation, artistry, and humor, offering a refreshing twist to the traditional flower vase.

Why Choose the Butt Vase?

At Intent Store, we believe in embracing individuality and celebrating the unconventional. The Butt Vase embodies these principles, making it a perfect choice for those looking to break away from the ordinary. Here's why you should consider adding a Butt Vase to your collection:

1. Uniquely Captivating Design

The Butt Vase features a meticulously crafted design that seamlessly blends art and functionality. Each vase is handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring attention to detail and exquisite quality. The cheeky yet elegant shape of the vase adds a playful touch to any space, instantly becoming a conversation starter.

2. Versatile Decorative Piece

Whether you place it on your mantelpiece, dining table, or office desk, the Butt Vase effortlessly enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room. Its versatile design allows you to display various types of flowers and greenery, making it a delightful addition to any floral arrangement.

3. High-Quality Materials

At Intent Store, we prioritize quality. The Butt Vase is crafted using premium materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The ceramic construction provides a sturdy base, while the carefully curated glaze accentuates its unique features.

4. Perfect Gift Option

Looking for a memorable gift that stands out? The Butt Vase is the perfect choice! Surprise your loved ones with this unconventional and delightful piece of art. Whether it's a housewarming, birthday, or special occasion, the Butt Vase is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Unleash Your Creativity

The Butt Vase inspires creativity and encourages you to think outside the box. Customize your vase with your favorite flowers, succulents, or even artificial plants. Experiment with different colors and arrangements to create visually stunning displays.

Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our happy customers have to say about the Butt Vase:

"I absolutely love my Butt Vase! It adds a touch of whimsy to my living room and always sparks interesting conversations when guests come over. Highly recommended!" - Emma

Shop the Butt Vase at Intent Store

Ready to add a touch of quirkiness and elegance to your home decor? Explore our diverse collection of Butt Vases at Intent Store. We offer a range of sizes, colors, and styles to suit your individual preferences. Place your order today and let the Butt Vase become a cheeky centerpiece in your home!


Available in an assortment of designs, our high-quality Butt Vases are ideal for those seeking a unique decorative piece that sets them apart from the crowd. At Intent Store, we take pride in providing our customers with exceptional products that bring joy and creativity into their lives.

Jene Andreacola
😂 Unique and cheeky decor!
Oct 13, 2023