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Feb 19, 2019

Experience Tranquility and Serenity with the Large Standing Buddha

At Intent, we offer a magnificent collection of handcrafted statues, each designed to bring peace and serenity into your home. Our Large Standing Buddha with Begging Bowl is a truly remarkable piece that will captivate your senses and create a tranquil ambiance like no other.

Embrace the Rich Symbolism of the Buddha

The Buddha is revered for his teachings of wisdom, compassion, and enlightenment. Our Large Standing Buddha statue beautifully captures these qualities and serves as a reminder to embrace inner peace and mindfulness in your daily life.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Every statue from Nongnit's Treasures is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, employing ancient techniques passed down through generations. The attention to detail and the devotion infused in each piece truly makes them one-of-a-kind, preserving the rich traditions of Buddhist art.

Materials and Dimensions

Our Large Standing Buddha with Begging Bowl is crafted using high-quality materials, including durable resin and fine metallic finishes. The statue stands at X inches tall, making it an impressive centerpiece for any space.

Add a Touch of Spiritual Elegance to Your Home

Whether you're a practicing Buddhist or simply appreciate the beauty of Buddhist art, the Large Standing Buddha statue is a perfect addition to any space. Its serene presence creates a sense of harmony and tranquility, making it ideal for meditation rooms, living spaces, offices, or even outdoor gardens.

Perfect as a Meaningful Gift

Looking for a unique and thoughtful gift? Our Large Standing Buddha statue is an extraordinary choice. It symbolizes good fortune, wisdom, and inner peace, making it a heartfelt gesture for loved ones on special occasions or as a token of appreciation.

Shop Nongnit's Treasures

At Intent, we believe in curating exceptional pieces that inspire and elevate the spirit. Browse our extensive collection of handcrafted statues, including the Large Standing Buddha with Begging Bowl, and discover other magnificent treasures that celebrate art, spirituality, and culture.

Bring Serenity Home

Transform your space into a serene sanctuary with the Large Standing Buddha with Begging Bowl from Nongnit's Treasures. Order now and experience the harmonizing energy and profound beauty this exceptional statue has to offer.

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Bob Hilbert
This large Buddha statue brings serenity and tranquility to any home. Beautiful craftsmanship!
Oct 8, 2023