Buddha under Bodhi Tree with Disciples Panel in Antique Finish

Mar 31, 2019

At Intent, we present to you the exquisite Buddha under Bodhi Tree with Disciples Panel in Antique Finish. This captivating handcrafted masterpiece is designed to elevate your spiritual experience and add a touch of serenity and beauty to your surroundings.

Discover the Beauty of Serenity

Immerse yourself in the tranquility and calmness depicted in this stunning panel. The intricately carved Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, surrounded by his devoted disciples, emanates a sense of peace and enlightenment. The antique finish adds a timeless charm, making it a perfect addition to any space.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Our skilled artisans have meticulously crafted every detail of this panel, ensuring its exquisite quality and attention to detail. Each hand-carved figure and pattern tells a story, reflecting the rich spiritual traditions and heritage it represents. The panel is created with utmost precision using high-quality teak wood, known for its durability and natural beauty.

Perfect for Spiritual Spaces

Whether you have a dedicated meditation room, a tranquil corner in your home, or a yoga studio, the Buddha under Bodhi Tree with Disciples Panel in Antique Finish will create a serene atmosphere. Its presence invites a sense of calmness, introspection, and spiritual connection. Allow yourself to be surrounded by the positive energy and symbolism this exquisite panel embodies.

Bring Home a Symbol of Enlightenment

By owning this panel, you not only bring home a beautiful work of art but also a symbol of enlightenment and deep spiritual meaning. The depiction of Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, where he attained enlightenment, serves as a reminder of the path to inner peace and wisdom. It serves as an inspiration for growth, self-reflection, and mindfulness.

Enhance Your Collection

Whether you are an avid collector or just starting, the Buddha under Bodhi Tree with Disciples Panel in Antique Finish is a must-have. Its intricate design and rich symbolism make it a valuable addition to any spiritual collection. Display it alongside other spiritual artifacts, sculptures, or sacred texts to create a harmonious ensemble that resonates with your spiritual journey.

Thoughtful Gift for Spiritual Seekers

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a spiritual seeker or someone on a journey of self-discovery, this panel is an ideal choice. Its beauty and meaningful symbolism will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, this panel makes a thoughtful and unique gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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Embrace serenity and enhance your spiritual journey with the exquisite Buddha under Bodhi Tree with Disciples Panel in Antique Finish. Shop now at Intent and experience the profound beauty and symbolism this handcrafted masterpiece has to offer. Elevate your spiritual space with this captivating panel and immerse yourself in its timeless charm.

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Kyle Lumpkin
This panel beautifully captures the essence of tranquility and serenity. The intricate detailing in the handcrafted Buddha and disciples under the Bodhi Tree is truly mesmerizing. A perfect addition to any space that seeks to inspire a sense of peace and spirituality. I am in awe of the antique finish, it adds a touch of elegance to this already stunning masterpiece. A must-have for anyone looking to create a calming atmosphere in their surroundings.
Nov 11, 2023