Jan 10, 2020


Welcome to Intent, the premier eCommerce & Shopping destination where customer satisfaction is our top priority. As part of our commitment to providing a seamless and secure shopping experience, we offer a comprehensive warranty for all our products. Our warranty policy aims to protect your purchase, ensuring peace of mind and a worry-free shopping experience.

Our Warranty Policy

At Intent, we understand the importance of protecting your investment, which is why we have developed a robust warranty policy that covers a wide range of scenarios. Whether you're purchasing electronics, home appliances, fashion items, or any other product from our platform, you can rest assured that our warranty has you covered.

Types of Warranty

Intent provides two types of warranty coverage:

1. Manufacturer's Warranty

Many of the products listed on our platform come with a manufacturer's warranty, which extends the coverage beyond the standard warranty offered. This warranty is directly provided by the brand or manufacturer and ensures that any defects or malfunctions will be addressed by the original product manufacturer themselves.

2. Intent Warranty+

In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, we also offer the exclusive Intent Warranty+. This enhanced warranty covers a wider range of issues, providing you with additional protection and support for your purchase. Intent Warranty+ is available as an optional add-on for select products, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of coverage that best suits your needs.

Coverage Details

Our warranty coverage includes:

1. Manufacturing Defects

If your product exhibits any defects resulting from the manufacturing process, our warranty will ensure that it is repaired or replaced, depending on the nature of the defect. We strive to address any manufacturing issues promptly to minimize any inconvenience caused to our customers.

2. Functional Failures

In the event of functionality-related problems with your product, our warranty covers necessary repairs or replacements. Whether it's a malfunctioning component or a software glitch, we'll work diligently to resolve the issue and restore your product to full functionality.

3. Accidental Damage Protection

We understand that accidents happen, which is why we offer accidental damage protection for eligible products. This coverage safeguards your purchase against unexpected mishaps, such as spills, drops, or other accidental damage that may occur during normal use.

4. Extended Coverage

Our Intent Warranty+ allows you to extend the warranty coverage beyond the standard duration, providing you with an added layer of protection. Enjoy an extended peace of mind for your purchase and make the most out of your shopping experience with Intent.

Claim Process

If you encounter any issues with your eligible product covered under our warranty, all you need to do is initiate a claim through our hassle-free process. Simply contact our dedicated customer support team, who will guide you through the necessary steps to get your claim processed quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless experience, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly.

Terms and Conditions

While we strive to offer the best warranty coverage possible, it's important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our warranty policy. These terms and conditions outline the eligibility criteria, coverage limitations, and any exclusions that may apply to the warranty coverage. We recommend reviewing these terms thoroughly to make an informed purchasing decision.


At Intent, we believe that a comprehensive warranty is crucial to creating a positive and reliable shopping experience. Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to offer an extensive warranty policy that provides superior coverage across a wide range of products. Shop confidently with the assurance that your purchase is backed by Intent's warranty. Start exploring our vast selection of high-quality products today!

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